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Hope you found the webinar informative and got to learn something new. As promised here are the free resources for you.

Also, OFFER REMINDER: If you're planning to sign up within the next 72 hours, Here is what you get with the offer:

  • Algonquin College application fee waived if you sign up in 72 hours

  • Conditional offer letter available without final grades transcript to secure your seat

  • Fast-track admission application for faster study permit application

  • Admission package at offer price of $150 CAD (usually $300 CAD), saving you $150 CAD immediately

  • Visa package at offer price of $450 CAD (usually $700 CAD), saving you $250 CAD immediately, includes various visa services

  • Free access to unlimited weekly IELTS classes with Canadian instructor and Essentials IELTS Masterclass (usually $350 CAD separately)

  • Free access to Career Development Masterclasses with over 70 training videos to help you make friends, develop your network, and land professional jobs abroad (usually $600 CAD)

Total Value = $1,950 CAD | You Pay = $150 CAD today |

Total Saved = $1800 CAD.


Interested? This offer is only available for 72 hours. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity and SIGN UP NOW.

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