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Cost of Study Guide

The biggest mistake international students make is jumping right to looking at universities & colleges.

Imagine you spent lots of time researching and made ambitious plans for your career. Then you come to know you can’t even afford to go to Canada because you don’t have enough money!

Download our detailed cost of study guide to carefully plan your studies in Canada.

The first question you need to ask yourself is

Do I have enough money to support myself in Canada?

If you don’t, first off it will impact your studies in Canada badly, because you will have to work a lot to make up for all the costs. Second, you won’t even get your visa!

First, sit down with the person who is sponsoring you and go over the costs of studying abroad with them.

Don’t even think you can cover your own costs if you are looking to study in the bigger cities. It’s the biggest myth ever created by scam agencies in your country so they can convince you to study abroad. More money in their pocket, right?!

Do the MATH! You will find the answer! Go through the cost of study guide to find the exact breakdown of tuition fees and factor in all the costs of studying in Canada as an international student.

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